NYSC: Best States to serve in Nigeria according to Peace, Hospitality and Allowance

NYSC Best states to serve in Nigeria by peace, security and allowance

    National youth service corps NYSC is a one year program designed to train young Nigerian graduates to gain experience and also to acquire entrepreneural  skills for future job.

    It become necessary for a prospective corp member to look for a state that will accommodate him and also at least pay a reasonable allowance.

    Naijinfos.com today analyzes some of the best states to serve in Nigeria, according to three criteria
1. Security
2. Hospitality
3. Allowance

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    Best States For National Youth Service In Nigeria 2017 by Hospitality And Security

1. Lagos State (South west)
2. Ogun State (South west)
3. Osun State (South west)
4. Ondo State (south west)
5. Oyo state (South west)
6. Ekiti state (south west)

    Actually all south western states are peaceful if not for this recent happenings of ritual killings, but security forces are equal to the task.

  North Central

6. Niger state
7. Kwara state
8. Kogi state
9. Nasarawa

   Plateau and Benue states are currently experiencing some few cases of  cases of killing and reprisal attacks resulting from Fulani hersdmen and farmers clash, The other states are hospitable and peaceful.

North West
10. Kano state
11. Kaduna state
12. Katsina state
13. Zamfara state
14. Sokoto state
15. Kebbi state
16. Jigawa state

    As at now all northwestern States are not experiencing any security issue and the people there are hospitable.

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South East
17. Ebonyi state
18. Enugu state
19. Imo state

 Recently there is tension in almost all south eastern States due to Biafra agitation, although the agitation is reducing by day, actually there is no guarantee that south east will remain peaceful by now. This is connected to disappearing of the leadert of the separatist group Nmandi Kanu which appearance may cause another round of chaos in the region.

South South
20. Akwa Ibom state
21. Cross River state
22. Edo state
23. Delta state

  There are various cases of killings, beheading, burning and kidnapping in Rivers state this is not unconnected to high militants activities in the state, Bayelsa also has records of militant activities.

North East
24. Gombe state
25. Adamawa state
26. Bauchi State

 Although yobe state is relatively peaceful by now, it also experienced the Boko haram crisis some 2 years back, in Taraba state there are few cases of ethnic crisis while Borno state is the headquarter of Boko haram crisis, Borno state is a no go area unless you are from there or you want use the opportunity to make hay while the sun is shining.

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List of Highest paying states for NYSC

1. Akwa Ibom -N20,000 (probably there are some changes by now)
2. Lagos state – N15,000, N10,000 to corp members in ministry while N5000 to those serving in Local Government Areas.
3. Jigawa State – N5,000 (Pay N10,000 after two months)
4. Sokoto – N4,000 & N9,000 to those serving in state hospitals and health sectors.

5. Niger State currently pays N6,000 and it is confirmed
6. Ogun State – N5,000 (not confirmed)
7. Osun state – N5,000
8. Delta State – N5,000
9. Ekiti State – N5,000 ( not confirmed)
10. Kano State – N5,000
11. Abia State – N4,000 (not confirmed)
12. Oyo state – N3,800
13. Cross River State – N3,090
14. Bayelsa State – N3,000 (not confirmed
15. Zamfara State- N3,000
16. Adamawa- N5000- N10,000
17. Borno state N10,000

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Please if there is any correction in this list help us by comment through comment box.

  Wish you good luck in serving your fatherland.


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